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Honest, wonderful and above all delicious food!

We offer various options if you wish to get together for a meeting, a break during lunch-time or a cosy family dinner.

A La Carte

A La Carte

Surprisingly honest dishes in an atmospheric ambience. Traditionally French cuisine and many specialties from other cuisines.
Kenny Koken

Kenny Koken

Are you coming to eat with the children in our restaurant? We love to entertain your children, so you can enjoy your dinner!


Enjoy our luxurious and extensive breakfast buffet at Hotel Houten.
Average score:
1425 reviews
Gregg K. Eagan
Hotel Houten - Utrecht 
Always a great experience, this is a bar that is focused on customer service

I always have very good meals and service here in Hotel Houten. I actually stay here because of the service here, rather than staying in hotels closer to where I work. I had a great experience tonight, Youri was the waiter in the Hotel Houten Bar. He remembered the specifics of the desert I ordered and the meal I ordered when I was here last, months ago, all on his own without me having to ask. I travel the world for yeas now, and I have never seen a waiter/waitress have that kind of memory and provide that kind of personalized service. Youri clearly as person who cares about your customers, and to me amazing actually. I am really glad I am staying with your hotel and will for the future.