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U bent tijdens de feestdagen weer van harte welkom in ons hotel. Met uw gezin, familie, vrienden en/of kennissen kunt u dit jaar weer genieten zonder zorgen. Ons hotel biedt u meerdere mogelijkheden aan om dit jaar weer tot een feest te maken.

Average score:
1425 reviews
Gregg K. Eagan
Hotel Houten - Utrecht 
Always a great experience, this is a bar that is focused on customer service

I always have very good meals and service here in Hotel Houten. I actually stay here because of the service here, rather than staying in hotels closer to where I work. I had a great experience tonight, Youri was the waiter in the Hotel Houten Bar. He remembered the specifics of the desert I ordered and the meal I ordered when I was here last, months ago, all on his own without me having to ask. I travel the world for yeas now, and I have never seen a waiter/waitress have that kind of memory and provide that kind of personalized service. Youri clearly as person who cares about your customers, and to me amazing actually. I am really glad I am staying with your hotel and will for the future.