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U bent tijdens de feestdagen weer van harte welkom in ons hotel. Met uw gezin, familie, vrienden en/of kennissen kunt u dit jaar weer genieten zonder zorgen. Ons hotel biedt u meerdere mogelijkheden aan om dit jaar weer tot een feest te maken.

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878 reviews
Hotel Houten - Utrecht 
great taste

We've had dinner at night and the sunday brunch. Both were delicious and we apreciated the service. A top rate for all the attention given to our boy by the staff. They were very kind and welcomed children. Thank you. I love the schnitzel and I've had the chance to taste it in Wien and Budapest and I love Old Amsterdam cheese but toghether they give something too heavy. I am not a culinary critic, but I think some little changes could make it esquisite: a citrus sauce with a much thinner slice of meat could be the real thing! All the best! Monica Marc & Alexandre